Synchronize all moms after a hook


Im not really sure what to search for on this one so it might be addressed already.

I would like to make sure all of the moms finish a hook before going on to the next stage
of execution. In this case everyone should be done with the prologue hook before
any of them start running the user’s job.

Doing this in the hook code can be done as a last resort but was wondering if there was
a built into PBS way of doing it




Hi Steve, as of PBS Pro version 18 the execjob_prologue hook now behaves in this way (and execjob_begin has always behaved like this). See for the details of the change to execjob_prologue.

I hope this helps.


you mean like v18.0+ its been there or just recently in v18 its there.
Im running pbspro-server-
and the job script is starting on the master node long before all the
sisters are done with the prologue.
For long running prologues as least.



Ahh ok, yes, that’s still the case with execjob_prologue. The change in 18 is now the prologue does not wait for the actual first task to be spawned/associated on secondary hosts before running. Have you tried execjob_begin for your purposes?


I should be able to move the hook to a execjob_begin yes.