Suggestion to update PBS Pro JIRA fields



I just filed a bug, and feel the following JIRA fields’ settings could be improved:

  • Affects Version/s
  • Component/s

The Contributor’s portal has basic instructions (see, but the actual choices provided for these fields are not explained, and some were not obvious to me.

In the Affects Version/s field:

  • There is a heading “Unreleased Versions” that displays in bold – I believe 14.0.0 and 14.1.0 are released, so that heading is misleading.
  • “15.0.0” should be changed to “17.0.0” to reflect the change in version numbering as per the Roadmap (i.e., 17 for 2017)
  • I’m not sure what “13.0.800.OSS” is… can it simply be removed?

In the Component/s field:

  • There are a few components that appear unrelated to the PBS Pro Open Source project, and could probably be removed, i.e., “Build Environment” (or at least the pop-up description seems wrong) and “Perforce Management”.
  • Some seem like duplicates of others and I suggest merging them, e.g.,
    • Installation, Installers, Packaging
    • Scheduler, Scheduling
  • Mostly, it would be really helpful to have better descriptions of the components (both in pop-ups and on the Contributor’s Portal page), as I wasn’t sure which one to use for the bug I filed for a warning produced by a spurious extra whitespace in a that autotools processes during the building of PBS Pro from source.



Thanks for the valuable suggestions @billnitzberg. All of these are very valid and it fixing these really had fallen through the cracks…we will follow it up and fix them.



And I’ll make sure the Confluence pages get updated.