Proposal to make PBS server set necessary attributes to their default value when these attributes are unset


Hey @arungrover, I do not have a strong preference for setting default_queue from server objects vs pbs_habitat though it kind of make sense to move it there since you are moving other attributes too so why leaving this one behind.
I am just unclear how do we unset the default_queue or mail_from attribute


Thanks for creating the document Arun. Are the tables different from the ones that we have in the reference guide? Are there any attributes who’s default values are being changed from those that are listed in the ref guide?


Thanks @anamika and @agrawalravi90 for reviewing the document.

@agrawalravi90 There are 4 attributes that are changing their defaults “default_chunk.ncpus, scheduling, log_events and resources_default.ncpus”, their default values are listed in the document and color coded in BLUE.

@anamika I can move the queue creation and default_queue to the server but I am not certain that they are related to PBS server object and that server cannot operate without them. All the attributes I have moved are the ones which are needed by the server to operate normally. “default_queue”, IMO is not a mandatory attribute that is needed by the server to operate, A user can be enforced to specify a queue during his/her job submission and the server will honor it as long as the queue is valid. In case of mail_from option, server treats the option as ‘adm’ even when it is unset.


Thanks for clarifying Arun. Document looks good to me.


Thanks Arun. I think it’s very important for the document to highlight the fact that you are proposing to change the default values for some of the attributes. Can you please mention that explicitly? Maybe even make it bold? Also, right now the document doesn’t mention what the previous default value was for those attributes, can you mention that as well?


Looks good to me. Thanks @arungrover!


Thanks @anamika and @mkaro for reviewing the document.
@agrawalravi90 I have added a table specifying the attributes that are going to have a changed value when they are unset. Please have a look.


Looks good Arun, I sign-off on the design. One more request though: please add a link to the EDD to the first post on this thread, it’s difficult to scroll and find the link to EDD from your comments. Thanks.


After reviewing the code, I have one possible issue with how this works. Right now default_chunk.ncpus=1 is the default. If you don’t want this, you can unset it. You might have something like memory only vnodes or vnodes for licenses or something like that. I suspect you could set default_chunk.ncpus=0, but it isn’t quite the same.

Should we leave default_chunk alone and allow it to be unset?



I guess we could leave default chunk untouched. For the use case you mentioned, the new proposal will break it and force default_chunk. I guess I’ll make the change in the document to reflect that.

I was double checking all the attributes and saw that pbs_license_min/pbs_license_max is also mentioned in the document as attributes which will revert to their default values when unset. I think that was an oversight from my side and these two attributes should not be set to a default value when unset. @nithinj since you have more knowledge about license related attributes, what do you think?


At present, pbs_license_min, pbs_license_max and pbs_license_linger_time will reset to default on unset. Your table data is par with this behavior.


Thanks for confirming @nithinj
@bhroam I’ve made the change in the document, please let me know if your views.


Hey @arungrover,
Thanks for making the change. I think if node_fail_requeue will reset back to the default of 310 on the next server restart, then it should return to the default when it is unset.

Just a nit, in the table to the right, you say ‘teated’ instead of ‘treated’.