Proposal: GitHub Issue Tracker (versus current Jira)


@nithinj suggested switching from Jira to Github in another topic (thread). I am moving the discussion here for better visibility. The previous comments from are:

Proposal for simplification of the code contribution process

When are we opening a Github issue tracker for PBSPro? The sooner the better as we are not planning to migrate existing Jira issues. (I know everyone is busy with 18.1 release, so just treat it as a gentle reminder :slight_smile: )



Thanks @nithinj – reviewing this thread, I see only positive comments on moving from Jira to Github.

Last call for any more comments or dissent…

If there is still general consensus when PBS Pro v18.1 GA is released (see 18.1 Release Plan), then we will move to Github issue trackers at that time (or there about, depending on how long it takes).