PP-832: Which scheduler to talk to while taking over from Primary


Ravi, we were talking about modifying the scheduler to make it reread its usage on a SCH_SCHEDULE_FIRST. You are correct, it does currently reread the usage on a SCH_CONFIGURE.

I just thought up with a new situation which we might want to consider. What happens if someone modifies the sched_config file when the secondary is up. They will HUP the secondary scheduler, but not the primary. When the primary takes back over, it still has the old configuration.

If we were to send the primary scheduler a SCH_CONFIGURE like Ravi is suggesting, then this will fix the new situation as well as not having us need to modify the scheduler.

The primary will just need to know it has resumed control from the secondary.



Hi All,

The EDD is updated to use SCH_CONFIGURE instead of SCH_SCHEDULE_FIRST.