PP-810: cgroups v2 with systemd


This message is to inform the community that there is a new design document available for review:

It covers the addition of four new parameters that may be set in a forthcoming version of the PBS Pro cgroups hook. This review is time sensitive, so I ask that you respond with comments at your earliest convenience.

Thank you!


In general it looks good to me, thanks @mkaro! It might be helpful to include in interface 1 how or if this impacts the resources_available.ncpus on the vnode.

I am interested to hear from @alexis.cousein, if possible.


Thanks for the feedback @scc. I have updated the details of interface 1.


Hey @scc, I just updated the design doc to clarify the behavior of exclude_cpus. Please have a look when you get the chance.


Great, thanks for clarifying, sounds good to me.

One formatting note: the “Example:” sections in interfaces 2, 3, and 4 are all named “exclude_cpus”, should be renamed.


Thanks for catching that. They have been fixed.


Design changes for cgroups v2 looks good to me