PP-758: Add pbs_snapshot tool to capture state & logs from PBS


Thanks Scott, but there’s one more thing that I wanted to discuss: Hiren, during his code review, mentioned that the -o option should only be used to specify the directory where the final tarball will be created and that we should come up with a timestamp based name of the snapshot ourselves. I personally like this idea as it’d remove one unnecessary prompt that is needed if the user provides the same snapshot name as an existing one. But this would mean that the user won’t have control over the name of the snapshots, which might be okay as they can always rename them manually? What do you think?


I like the timestamp approach and that’s exactly what customers are used to with pbs_diag naming and interaction with -o.


Awesome, thanks for confirming.


Hey Guys,

One more point from directory structure, I feel we should rename ‘pbs’ directory to something like ‘pbs_settings’ because ‘pbs’ sound like you are putting whole pbs (aka PBS_home) inside it.

What you guys think?


I agree it is sort of confusing as is. What about eliminating pbs/ altogether, moving pbs.conf to stand alone at the top level, then moving pbs_probe_v.out, pbs_hostn_v.out, and pbs_environment to system/?


I like that idea, what do you think Hiren?


@hirenvadalia I’ve taken in Scott’s suggestion and edited the design, please let me know if you have any concerns. Thanks!


Thanks @scc I like your idea moving *.out in system/ and pbs.conf at top level.


Hey guys,

Just a quick update, I’ve removed the -d option from the EDD, it was not implemented, and since we are deprecating pbs_diag, it kind of doesn’t make sense to support it in some way by creating this option. Please let me know if there are any concerns.