PP-740: Add Cray platform detection in PTL


@borlesanket, most plain linux systems that host the Cray ALPS simulator don’t have the file /etc/xthostname. This does not get set as part of installing a Cray ALPS simulator. Are you implying that on hosts that have Cray ALPS simulator, that a file /etc/xthostname should be created that contains the text ‘craysim’ ?


@vccardenas, as per my design I am assuming that “/etc/xthostname” will be present by default on Cray ALPS simulator, so on a particular platform if only this file exists then it will assign a string “craysim” to a variable which get_platform() returns.
But as per your comment it seems we don’t have this xthostname file exists on most of the plain linux which hosts ALPS simulator, so I just wanted to know that when this xthostname gets set.If this is not a proper way to detect then I need to find some other approach to detect a Simulator.


@borlesanket, please state in your design that you are assuming that “/etc/xthostname” will be present by default on Cray ALPS simulator. It appears that /etc/xthostname may be set on a Cray ALPS simulator separately from installing the Cray ALPS simulator.


@vccardenas, I have made the required changes to document, please have a look.


@borlesanket it still seems fine to me.


@borlesanket, thanks for updating the document. It looks good to me.