PP-702: Design document review for RPM based install under CLE 5.2

  1. Updated the document.
  2. I had previously tested all of these commands, and they worked for me starting with a clean install of 13.0.405. I updated the instructions to use “xtunspec -N” and “xtunspec -C” to make sure all specialized versions of the files are removed in case we missed any.
  3. I need to look into the license issue in more detail.

  1. Did anyone ever install anything other than the server package on Cray systems? The INSTALL script was there to support more than just Cray, and the other options made sense in environments where there wasn’t a shared root.
  • You may specialize /etc/pbs.conf on any node to start whatever services you want.
  • If you don’t want to start any PBS Pro services, then set all of the PBS_START_* to zero. That is the default when PBS Pro is installed on Cray systems. The admin must then specialize/update the appropriate pbs.conf files.
  1. I suspect we should be able to reuse any existing documentation that covers failover on Cray systems. The intent of this document was to update the instructions required to get a basic PBS Pro configuration installed and running.


You’re correct @vccardenas. The document has been updated. Please let me know if you have additional feedback.


The external design looks good to me.


I have added some clarifications in the new installation and upgrade instructions in Interface 7 (current version 9).


@vccardenas Looks fine to me.


@vccardenas Change looks good to me.


Voltaire, what specific problems are addressed by the change? Also, could you please post a diff between the previous and current instructions?


@iestockdale, the problem addressed by the change was that the upgrade from default PBS 13.0.40x to default 17.x will not have the same vnode per NUMA node setting. The addition of the two lines for qmgr -c “delete node @default” addresses this. There were some minor changes too like specifying some commands as examples and showing the host where the command is to be run.

The diff is shown below:
< - Start the PBS Pro service on each execution host.
< For example:

  • Start the PBS Pro service on each execution host.
    < For example:
    < - Remove all existing vnodes
    < sdb# qmgr -c “delete node @default
    < sdb# /etc/init.d/pbs stop

/etc/init.d/pbs stop
< boot# xtopview -e “rm -rf /opt/pbs”

xtopview -e “rm -rf /opt/pbs”