PP-587: Have only one mom report the compute node information to the server


This message is to inform developers that there is a new design document available for review:


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Since this features is Cray X* specific, I suggest adding “Cray” or “Cray X-series” in the Jira ticket summary. (I was initially confused by the summary as this applying and speeding up all systems with lots of nodes; once I read the full paragraph in the description I finally got that this feature only applies to Cray X* systems.)


Thanks @billnitzberg I have put that information in the “Environment” field in the Jira ticket. And I have also added a sentence at the beginning of the overview section.


The EDD looks good to me.


What happens if the vnode_pool attribute is set to different values within the same Cray system?


Don’t do that! Basically the benefit of setting a vnode_pool to have only one mom report the compute nodes would be negated and PBS’s behavior would be undefined.


OK then, I think the EDD looks good


I made changes to the design:

  1. I numbered the interface changes
  2. I added interfaces 8 and 9


I added a line to state that vnode_pool will only be displayed when it has been set.
This isn’t a change in behavior. I’m making the expected behavior clearer.
Please review.


@lisa-altair, the EDD looks good with the new changes.


change looks good @lisa-altair