PP-465: qrerun timeouts when big job files are being copied from MoM to server


Thanks for your inputs.
There are cases where script writers would compare the command output with a golden image and take decisions. With such changes (like in this case of qrerun) it becomes murky to judge, whether it will break backward compatibility or not.


@arungrover, There are/might be test scripts that would need to change as per the EDD. However, we cannot be prisoners to a message that is clearly not conveying what it must be.
@mkaro, I have changed the EDD. PR change will follow soon.



You are right! We can change the error message.



And you are right about the definition of deprecated. I happened to go through the definitions for change control only now and understood that we need to mark this one Obsolete and not Deprecated as we are not providing a replacement functionality. EDD updated.



MikeK’s suggested error message looks good as does updated EDD