PP-325: Design document review for cgroups hook


@mkaro, you have added nmics, hpmem and ngpus as new interfaces but are they PBS builtin resources or one has to create them before using?

vmem is an existing builtin resource. How is that public/experimental?


@mkaro, I noticed my above questions were never answered. Can you get back to me on those please?


The pbs_mom will report all resources it knows about to the server, including those reported by a hook. The new interfaces have been documented to reflect that. As far as why these interfaces are classified as public/experimental, I can see where it might be better to call them stable. There is no intent to change them in the future, but the design document was written some time ago when our view of cgroups wasn’t as comprehensive as it is today. Are you formally requesting the interfaces be reclassified?


Hey Mike,
I understand this design was written quite a while ago. I was more questioning the ‘vmem’ resource as I think it is an existing and now new. am I mistaken?
for example,

Qmgr: l r vmem
Resource vmem
type = size
flag = hqn

however now we have the stable definitions we can go back and update the experimental to stable for future references. But I would leave it upto you.