PP-261: micro-second time stamp for daemon logging


Why did you remove the line regarding syslog? You should state that this feature applies only to local PBS logs and not to syslog.


I find the phrase “this is a node level option” confusing. From what I can tell, it’s not just for moms. The server and scheduler will start using high res logging as well if this is turned on. You could even turn this on/off per-daemon if you use environmental variables while starting the individual daemons. It’s just easier to set it on a per-daemon basis for each mom because they use separate pbs.conf files. I’d use the term “per-daemon” instead of “node level”



I agree with @bhroam. I made a similar comment with regard to PP-288 (asynchronous logging) earlier today. I would suggest that both features provide similar capabilities in terms of turning them on/off per daemon.


@mkaro Thanks for catching this. I have added back the note about syslog. Please look into it and provide your sign off / further comments.


@bhroam Thanks for your suggestion. we now call it as per-daemon option.


Thank you for adding the line regarding syslog. How is it that this feature may be enabled/disabled per-daemon while the configuration setting is stored in pbs.conf? Are you expecting admins to set environment variables to override the value in pbs.conf when they start each service? That would make it difficult to use /etc/init.d/pbs to start/stop/restart the PBS Pro services. If it truly is per-daemon, then I think you need to store the setting in qmgr (for the server and scheduler) and mom_priv/config (for each mom).


@mkaro, If you dislike the term per-daemon, how about it gets dropped altogether. The use of pbs.conf is well documented. There’s no real reason to explain it further in this design.



@bhroam, It’s not that I dislike the term, but we may be using different definitions of the term per-daemon. If the intent is to enable microsecond timestamps for the server and disable them for the scheduler, then I don’t think pbs.conf is the right place to define the setting. I would ask that this be clarified in the design document.


As per the discussion we had, I have updated the EDD. Can you please look into it and give your comments/sign off.


Thanks for clearing that up. I like it now.



@suresht: That works for me. You have my sign off.


Started looking at this EDD since I’m reviewing the PR: https://github.com/PBSPro/pbspro/pull/693

One comment:
“If enabled/disabled in pbs.conf, it will apply to all daemons.” I think this can be confusing. enable/disable in pbs.conf will only apply to all daemons on a particular host. If you enable it on an execution node, the server and scheduler daemons will still have it disabled. So, can we please clarify this in the EDD?


Thanks for the comment @agrawalravi90. I updated the document to be a bit more clear. I also updated the formatting to make it easier to read.

If people could take another look (yeah, I know it’s a year later), that’d be great.