Obsolete sort_queues in default sched_config


Dear Wizards/Devels.

The default sched_priv/sched_config file comes with a section looking like this:

# sort_queues 
#	sort queues by the priority attribute

sort_queues:	true	ALL

However, upon start/reload the scheduler logs:

...;pbs_sched;Fil;sched_config;Obsolete config name sort_queues

The admin guide (v13.1 §1.3 page AG-14) explicitly states that:

Probably, the section should be deleted from the sample version of sched_config.



Hello Bjarne,

You are right! this can be removed.
It is still there in our sched_config because upon deprecating an option we still keep it for a few releases and then remove it.

I’ll raise a bug to get this fixed.



Raised - PP-419