New configuration variable: PBS_MOM_NODE_NAME


The interface spec itself looks fine, but I think the readers might need a bit of help in order to know what “the value is inconsistent with that of a standard hostname” means. How about helping them out by citing references to the appropriate RFCs (952, 1123)?


The details were updated to reference the RFCs per the comments on the Confluence page.


@mkaro, “standard host name” is usually referred to as the hostname configured on the machine and obtained by gethostname() API or hostname command, a host name obtained irrespective of naming service:

This makes phrase “the value is inconsistent with that of a standard hostname” a bit confusing. Can we remove the ambiguity?


The format of the host name must be compliant with RFC 952 or the RFC 1123 extension, regardless of whether it was obtained by gethostname() or configured by the administrator. Perhaps you could suggest more appropriate wording, as I fail to see the ambiguity.


The term “standard host name” can refer to two things:

  1. A standard host name is referred to as locally configured host name as obtained with gethostname() API as indicated by the links.
  2. A host name that is compliant with RFC952 or RFC 1123.
    This ambiguity may mislead the reader.

So, rather than using the term “standard host name”, I would simply say “if the value of host name does not confirm to RFC 952 or RFC 1123…”


The document has been updated per your suggestion.