How to enable epilog when cgroups hook is enabled


Hey guys,

According them manual “If any execjob_epilogue hooks exist, they are run, and the epilogue is not run.” But we need to do the both - run epilog while cgroups are enabled.

What would you suggest in this case?

Any plans to change this behaviour.

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Hello Taras, there are no plans to change this behavior that I am aware of. There is an example hook provided in $PBS_EXEC/unsupported/ that will run a traditional prologue/epilogue from within a PBS hook, though (and you can have multiple execjob_epilogue hooks, of course). I hope this helps.


Hi Scott,

Thank you for the answer, the hook might indeed work, will see.
Although I hope Altair will implement some solution that will not
require writing and supporting any code.

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