Does pbspro support ipv6?

Hi Team,

just wanted to check if pbspro opensource version supports ipv6 ? Thanks.

IPv6 is not supported, please correct me if i am wrong.
However you can keep the PBS Cluster on IPv4 and headnode (running PBS Server) on IPv4 & IPv6.
Also, could you please share the reason for using IPv6. ?

Thanks. We are develop a environment with only IPv6 hosts.

you mean PBS server and node is not able to running on hosts with only IPv6 ?

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Thanks for your inquiry @squallabc. @adarsh is correct, PBS Pro will not function properly in an IPv6 only environment. There was a project to support this some time ago (prior to PBS Pro open source), but it was not completed. PBS Pro will work in a mixed IPv4/IPv6 network.

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