Design for importing hook config file in PTL


Are you sure? for mom hooks, shouldn’t they be inside mom_priv of the host running the mom daemon?


Hi Ravi,

Thanks for bringing up this, I have added an extra API in mom class where we can call modify_hook_config from mom class.


I disagree, it should all be in the server class. Hooks are cluster-wide, it doesn’t make sense for the MoM class to have a modify hook config, since it will be a global change.

Instead, use the server class, and export the configuration so you can edit it. For example, to print the cgroups configuration to stdout: qmgr -c "export hook pbs_cgroups application/x-config default"

This is the documented way of editing a hook configuration file.


My bad, I didn’t know that mom hooks are also cluster-wide, it does make sense that they are now that I think about it.
@shilpakodli sorry for misleading you, just the one interface in server should be enough.


@vstumpf Thanks for the info. I have reverted my changes to old one. Please have a look at it @agrawalravi90


Looks fine to me, thanks.


Thanks everyone for the Sign off.