Design for a supported way to change default setup in PTL


@saritakh Design looks good to me.


My only comment is that this is a great internal design, but there isn’t really any external portion. The portion that Anne will read and document. It’s going to be very difficult for her to read through the internal details and figure out what is changing.

Maybe you could add a paragraph at the top that says something about what you are trying to achieve rather than how it will be achieved. Basically just go over the new option and what it will do and the new behavior PTL behavior when the option is not used. It doesn’t need to be anything big.



Thanks @bhroam,

I agree with you on that; I have added an section called " External changes to PTL:" for the summarizing the external changes to PTL as part of this design. Please let me know of any comments.


Thanks @anamika and @hirenvadalia for the sign off.


still looks good to me


@saritakh Document looks good. I have a small nit about the document though. It mentions "Note: Blue colored text are the changes in behaviors to be implemented" . I don’t see anything in that table that is color coded.


Thanks @arungrover,
I removed the line which was relevant in older version of the page; but not now since almost all the changes listed in the table are new behaviors to be implemented. Thanks for catching it.


Thanks @saritakh. Document looks good.


@saritakh : The latest design document looks good to me.


Thanks @arungrover, @kjakkali, and everyone.