Addition of hardware requirements option to existing @requirements decorator


Please review the design document :

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.



thanks for the proposal.

Generic question: Will these system limits apply to all nodes in case of a multi-node test run?

“Like other existing options in the decorator, these 3 options will be validated against the data passed to the param list (-p and --param-file) of pbs_benchpress”
What’s the use case here? It kind of seems like we should always only check the system resources available against the resources specified by a test, why bring benchpress -p into the mix? I think that makes things a bit confusing.



There is a use case for this. Suppose if a system as 16GB RAM and you have other applications running. So in this case you would want to run tests which need only 8GB of RAM and not greater than that.



Thanks for clarifying. Please create a ‘Motivation/Use case’ section in your EDD and mention this as one of the use cases. Please also mention other motivations as necessary.