Add new hook events at the server end


Hi Sam,

One use case can be after a reservation is confirmed, admin might need to get the reservation information for accounting purposes.

Thank you.


just wondering why wouldn’t the admin look into the accounting logs?


Hi Prakash,

The admin can use the accounting logs but I think for real-time usage, the hook is required.

Thank you.


I just see the event we are discussing is reservation confirmation. Why would admin like to look at accounting at the time of confirmation? Also could you please clarify what you mean by “real-time”?


Hi All,

The use case for creating a reservation confirmation hook event can be “After the reservation is confirmed by the scheduler, the resources information assigned to the reservation can be used by any external API’s via the hook script”.

Admin can use the accounting logs for getting the same information and the possible approach for that would be to monitor the logs by using cron or something like that. This might create some delay and will not be immediately right after the reservation is confirmed. I feel the same can be achieved in a better way if we have the reservation confirmation hook event.

Thank you.